URALLA Up We Pop Store

23 Nov 2014

Home this afternoon from Sydney after another fantastic Lindesay House Christmas Fair run by the National Trust in Darling Point. It is always great to have new customers and as well as customers who return and want to buy more because they "LOVE MY LETTO BELLO LINEN!"

Tomorrow we set up our "Uralla - Up We Pop Store" in time for the opening on Wednesday which is very exciting. We have a Facebook page under the same name  with regular updates of the products on offer from our five locals who are part of this little interesting shop. Apart from the website this is the only other place Letto Bello Linen will be shown between now and Christmas. Letto Bello Linen has done lots of kilometres lately with Wagga Wagga, Armidale,  Double Bay, Walcha  and Darling Point Fairs so  it will be good to stay home  for a while.