08 May 2018

Tomorrow marks three months since I was admitted to ICU in Tamworth with Gillain Barre Syndrome. This virus causes the immune system to attack the myelin coating on nerves leaving patients  in varying stages of paralysis. 

I was totally paralysed for 63 days with a tracheostomy & ventilated only able to communicate by moving my eyes up and down or sideways. Thanks to the wonderful support from my family, friends and hospital staff I have exceeded all expectations of the doctors with my recovery and look like being transferred to Sydney for rehab late this week. 
In the meantime I am very fortunate to have my helpers, Sonia, Phil and Mary, for whom I am forever grateful holding the fort at our Uralla shop, Highland Living with sales & Online order dispatch. 
I could be in Sydney for several months with rehab however with  determination and hard work I’ll be back at work very soon. Thank you for your support.
With best wishes and good health, 
Felicity x