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Our Story

Letto Bello means ‘beautiful bed’ which encapsulates the ethos of this company. It is an expression of our aim to provide quality, stylish, reasonably priced bed linen.  The designs and specifications are produced in Australia and combine the simplicity of Western tastes and styles with the quality, intricacy and detail provided by traditional embroidery. To achieve this combination we chose to use a quality organic cotton base cloth across the entire range and traditional needlework methods.

Several years ago, Felicity found a company in Vietnam that has grown out of a syndicate originally set up in 1988 to bring rural handicrafts, including embroidery, to the international market place. The original syndicate set out to prevent the migration of rural people to the cities to find work. In the beginning small groups of people were persuaded to stay in their villages and learn traditional embroidery techniques. Over time the numbers choosing to take part in the scheme has grown so that today, organised within the villages as communes, they are able to fulfil orders from many companies. Children no longer have to go hungry or lonely because their parents are away in the cities or do not have time to care for them. They go to school and live with their parents.

We have visited the women sewing in the commune of Hop Ly and we have seen the factory in Hanoi where the products are completed and packaged. Both sites provided us with an insight into how an ethical approach to manufacturing can help all sectors of a growing society. The women in the communes sat crossed legged together on the verandah of their homes; chatting and working and earning their living. Whilst in Hanoi, the factory helps young girls who have families and responsibilities by providing good working conditions and regular employment. Lunch is provided every day for the workers and we were privileged enough to share one of their meals. There was much conversation and laughter and we heard about their families and saw the work that they were doing for us.

Recently Felicity sourced a company  who works to promote and  improve the lives of a group of talented Vietnamese children. Tohe ofers art  classes as well as encouragement, protection and support to severely disadvantaged and disabled children in  community centres. Their creative designs and drawings are uploaded and printed onto our panels  then detail is hand stitched  by Letto Bello Linen's embroidery women for our  exclusive children’s bed linen range. Photos will be on the site soon of the range we carry. Visit their site to see more of the great work they do - http://tohe.vn/index.php?route=common/home

Letto Bello Linen is proud to provide a sustainable income for the women in Vietnam by providing you with beautiful bed linen. We believe that once you have seen the quality of the product and workmanship, you will agree that it is a wonderful collaboration.